Dr. MLK Jr.’s Letter to America

On November 4, 1956 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a letter that he wrote as if it were from the apostle Paul to the church in America. It is as applicable, if not more, today as it was then. I encourage you, on this Holiday marking the life of a great man, to take the time to read it. Dr. MLK Jr.’s Letter to America

The Creator

Take a moment to check out this awesome video: the first part of the video is a depiction of the development of a baby human and the second part is a series of real, unedited images from space. And I want you to consider this as you watch it: God did this. Reflect on that. Ask God to help you see him for who he is.

Only God is Great

I was reading recently about King Louis XIV of France. Louis was crowned king at age 4 and was the longest reigning king of any major European country in history. Only God is Great

Shootings and Murders and Persecution

I am extremely saddened by the recent shootings at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College. My heartfelt prayers go out to the families of the deceased – I simply cannot imagine the pain and hurt that would come from losing a loved one, especially a child. And I share this today, honestly, without totally understanding how they feel. How could I? However, I truly believe that God’s grace is big enough to help these families through this. I truly believe that God’s grace is big enough to heal the pain. I truly believe that God’s grace is big enough even to help these people to forgive the person who brought this evil and pain into their lives.

Shootings and Murders and Persecution